Optimising subscriptions and CRO for BRAUZZ.

After creating a new website for BRAUZZ. they wanted to take things a step further in their subscription implementation. BRAUZZ. already offered subscriptions before but via a Shopify native subscription app. Because of the rapid growth of their company within Europe and the fact that Shopify native subscriptions can’t handle Europe-specific payment methods, they decided to go a step further and work with Firmhouse.  

We helped them by doing the full implementation between Firmhouse and Shopify. On top of that, we also created some A/B tests to improve their conversion rate. 

Read on to find out more!

Who is BRAUZZ.?

The Ghentian start-up BRAUZZ. sells ecological cleaning products. Recently, they’ve even won a sustainability award for their products! Founders Lowie Vercraeye, Ruben Renaer and Manush Barvar started their e-commerce business in 2020 and launched their very first product in 2021. In only one year, they managed to scale up their monthly revenue from 10.000 euros to 100.000 euros.
Now they sell a broad range of products, from toilet cleaners to laundry detergents and even dishwasher tablets. But, to improve their sales, they also wanted to offer subscriptions, which is a challenge to do in Shopify.

New website creation

Based on the design of another design agency, we created a new website for BRAUZZ.. Although we didn’t make the actual design, we helped BRAUZZ to guide the process and make decisions. 
Further, we added some fun extras like built-in reviews and videos on the product pages. So feel free to check it out yourself.

Subscriptions in Shopify

BRAUZZ. offers their products on a subscription basis. As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, it is easy to add subscriptions to your Shopify store - and we encourage testing subscriptions out using these tools - but if you want to grow in the multimillion European subscription market, it might make sense to check out other services. Like Firmhouse for example, because they allow using local payment methods. 
This can drive your conversion rate up because people have more options to pay with next to using either a credit card or a Paypal account. 
Every time you check out for a subscription in BRAUZZ., you will be redirected to Firmhouse. We built the connection between Firmhouse and Shopify by writing a custom application for BRAUZZ..

CRO optimisation with A/B testing

Besides the subscription optimisation, we’re also running a conversion rate optimisation project. Through A/B testing using an app called Shipscout we are testing different shipping rates and free shipping thresholds.
That means that some website visitors will see a shipping rate of €3,90 and a free shipping threshold of €50. Others will see a threshold of €20. So it’s not easy to set up, which is why we did it for BRAUZZ. so they just have to look at the outcome. 
Based on the average order value, conversion rate, revenue per visitor and even profit per visitor the best combination can be determined. Pretty cool, right?

Partnership with Firmhouse

For this client (and others) we teamed up with Firmhouse. Firmhouse is a platform that enables you to offer your product subscriptions in the blink of an eye. Fully stand-alone or connected to your existing website or e-commerce store. 
It provides a better solution for subscription based e-commerce businesses and together with some of our own coding, we created the best subscription version for BRAUZZ..
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