How we teamed up with Converge to improve the tracking for BRAUZZ.

Tracking is a big issue for most e-commerce brands. They either don’t track all their data, or they don’t track data at all. Converge is here to help us. For BRAUZZ., they set up tracking on their new website, even for their subscriptions, and we saw a significant improvement. 

Read on to find out more about the advantages of proper tracking.

The story of BRAUZZ.

Founders Lowie Vercraeye, Ruben Renaer and Manush Barvar started their Ghentian e-commerce business back in 2020 and launched their very first product in 2021. In only one year, they managed to scale up their monthly revenue from 10.000 euros to 100.000 euros with the help of dear digital.

Now they sell a broad range of products, from toilet cleaners to laundry detergents and even dishwasher tablets. They wanted to offer subscription-based products in their Shopify Plus webshop, which we made possible using the help of Firmhouse. But this also came with a new challenge: tracking the data correctly.

Tracking challenges

Because the subscription payments run on a different kind of platform, we had to find a way to be able to track all the orders. We've already done that for other clients where certain features were also made using other parties, like a quiz or a booking platform. Those are all variables that can make tracking more difficult.

That's why it's super helpful that Converge joined us as a tech partner because we actually save hours not doing a custom tracking setup. Converge ensures that there is a solution for all additional variations. As we are Shopify experts, we don’t have the knowledge to help customers with tracking a webshop in a different platform like Woocommerce. 

Suppose a customer is going to launch a new website; then this will also mean that we will have to check or adjust all the tracking again. By using Converge we can save up to 15 hours of work. It also ensures that the tracking is automatically migrated without actually impacting time delays and new setups. 

Unreliable data

On the other hand, we also see that the GA4 data is sometimes unreliable. For example, if someone checks out, this is usually configured based on page load. If you order and the page session is reloaded, it can cause a duplicate order in the data while it's the same person. It’s tracked per session and not per user. The user data is also limited with everything around data privacy and cookies.

Converge, on the other hand, uses server-side tracking combined with client-side tracking to ensure that duplicate inconsistencies are eliminated and that we can also deduplicate the data.

It’s important to have data that is 100% accurate because BRAUZZ. has a lot of ads running. Without Converge, around 40 to 50% of the data is lost. This means we can’t fully optimise the ads based on purchases. With Converge, we can get closer to the right profiles on Meta and TikTok. This way, we cut the cost per acquisition by 35% for BRAUZZ. 

The results

We used BRAUZZ. as kind of a test case to see what Converge can do for an e-commerce brand, and we were amazed by the results:

- We tracked 100% of conversions, including subscriptions, instead of 50 to 60% with a tracking setup in Google Tag Manager.

- We cut the CPA by 35% because all of the conversions are accurately tracked in ad platforms (Meta, TikTok, Criteo), resulting in accurate and improved performance metrics.

- GA4 receives accurate, consistent, and deduplicated data from both Shopify and Firmhouse, allowing the team to regain confidence in their analytics and adjust where needed.

- Tracking was automatically migrated and activated within 30 minutes instead of the expected 15 hours using a new GTM setup. 

Want to know more about tracking or looking for help? Feel free to contact us.