Custom Odoo setup for Molequin

We would like to talk you through our project for Molequin. In their hunt for software to automate their invoice creation process and generation of DHL labels, they stumbled upon Odoo. Our experts built them an ERP setup fully integrated with their Shopify webshop to help them tackle their current challenges and support the future scaling of their business.

Molequin who?

Molequin is a renowned luxury watch strap manufacturer that prides itself on crafting high-quality and stylish watch straps for discerning customers. With a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, Molequin offers a wide range of premium leather watch straps that cater to watch enthusiasts worldwide. Their products are meticulously designed to enhance the elegance and sophistication of luxury timepieces.
Their challenges:
- How can we easily generate labels for DHL for our Shopify store?
- How can we automatically create invoices for our sold items?
- How can we display accurate stock levels in our Shopify store based on the available components our products are made of?
- How can we ensure an easy scale-up in the future?

Project Scope

We set up and configured a new Odoo ERP system and integrated it with their Shopify webshop, providing an extensive range of functionalities tailored to their business needs. The scope of the Odoo implementation included:
- Fulfilment and DHL Label: we integrated DHL's fulfilment services into the ERP system, enabling the seamless generation of DHL labels for order shipments. This automation reduced manual work and minimized costs for Molequin.
- Invoicing: Odoo ERP facilitated automated and accurate invoice creation for Molequin, ensuring correct tax calculations and compliant fiscal positions.
- Reporting: Odoo's reporting capabilities gave Molequin comprehensive insights into its business performance, helping them make data-driven decisions.
- Inventory Tracking: we implemented robust inventory tracking features within Odoo. This was crucial for Molequin, as their watch straps are composed of multiple components. By tracking the stock levels of individual components, the ERP system determined the final product's stock availability and ensured accurate inventory management.
- We successfully integrated Molequin's ERP system with their new Shopify B2C store. This integration enabled seamless data synchronisation between the online store and the ERP, ensuring efficient order management, product updates, stock synchronisation and customer information sharing.

The added value

Synchronisation of Orders, Products, and Customers to Odoo:
By integrating the Shopify B2C store with Odoo ERP, we enabled the seamless synchronisation of orders, products, and customer data. This synchronisation gave Molequin real-time visibility into their sales and customer interactions, streamlining their operations.
Automatic Invoice Creation in Odoo with Correct Taxes and Fiscal Positions:
The integration between Shopify and Odoo ERP facilitated the automatic creation of invoices. The system ensured accurate tax calculations and applied for the correct fiscal positions, reducing manual invoicing efforts and ensuring compliance with taxation regulations.
Management of Products and Prices from Odoo:
We enabled Molequin to efficiently manage its products and prices across multiple Shopify webshops directly from the Odoo ERP system. This centralized product management streamlined their operations and allowed consistent pricing across sales channels.
Inventory Tracking:
One of the key advantages of implementing Odoo ERP for Molequin was robust inventory tracking capabilities. The system accounted for the different components used in their watch straps, ensuring accurate stock levels. The synchronised inventory data was then reflected in the Shopify webshop, providing customers with up-to-date stock information.
Automatic Creation of Labels:
We customised the integration between Odoo ERP and the DHL carrier to automate the creation of labels for Molequin's shipments. Additionally, the system generated commercial invoices automatically for orders outside the European Union, reducing manual work and optimising operational efficiency.

Key elements

- 1 Shopify x Odoo Integration
- Odoo ERP Setup
- Long-Term Partnership


Dear Digital's collaboration with Molequin resulted in a seamlessly integrated e-commerce ecosystem. Integrating their Shopify B2C store with Odoo ERP enabled efficient order management, automated invoicing, streamlined product management, accurate inventory tracking, and optimised fulfilment processes. By establishing a long-term partnership, dear digital demonstrated its dedication to supporting Molequin's continued success in the luxury watch strap industry.