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Custom Shopify Plus stores

Every touchpoint in your online store should resonate with your customer's expectations and desires. With a custom Shopify Plus store, we ensure that every facet of your online experience – from the landing page to the heartfelt thank-you message – is meticulously crafted. Delight, engage, and convert more effectively with a storefront that truly embodies your brand's essence and speaks directly to your audience's journey.

Replatforming & migrations

Switching e-commerce platforms isn't just about lifting and shifting. It's about translating your legacy, lessons, and data into a new environment without disturbing your ongoing operations. Our approach ensures every vital piece - from orders and discount codes to shipping rates - SEO and redirects - transitions smoothly, so both your team and your customers experience zero interruptions. Dive into the next chapter of your e-commerce story with confidence.

Localisation with Shopify Markets

In the e-commerce world, scaling is paramount. Venturing beyond familiar borders requires a blend of strategy and technology, and that's where our expertise with Shopify comes into play. From spotlighting local payment options and accurate shipping details to showcasing region-specific bestsellers, we fine-tune every element to resonate with your European audience. Dive into the diverse European market with tailored strategies that amplify your local conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimisation

Traffic can be bought, conversion is earned. We design and implement optimisations so that your store converts as good as it can. Optimising for conversion requires rigorous testing, measuring and iteration. We help you do what's needed in an easy to follow track that includes A/B testing with VWO.

Page speed optimisation

In the realm of e-commerce, swift page loading is paramount. Whether you're looking to refine an existing theme or start anew with a lightning-fast site, we're here to help. Shopify stores, in particular, can become encumbered by external apps leading to a bulky codebase. Streamlining this requires expertise and a few days of dedicated work.

MACH architecture, headless & micro services

Lots of fancy words that should only be in service of your team and customers. We can help you make the right decision and implement a future proof solution if necessary.

Custom integrations

Building an online store is just the beginning. To truly thrive in e-commerce, you must manage a multitude of moving parts - from supply chains and customer interactions to invoicing and conversion monitoring. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating the tools and services essential for your operations, ensuring you have a comprehensive, unified platform to steer your business success.

Theme based implementations

Starting lean with a pre-built theme is one of Shopify's standout features. Dive into e-commerce with a robust foundation and let us guide you in molding that theme to its fullest potential. Through a series of workshops, we prioritize crafting an optimal user experience within the confines of the chosen theme, ensuring your store is both visually appealing and functional.

Subscriptions within Shopify

Over the years, we've cultivated deep expertise in the realm of Shopify subscriptions. Our proficiency lies in seamlessly integrating Firmhouse with your European store, ensuring you're equipped to provide essential local payment options for your subscription-based products. Leverage our insights and give your subscribers a smooth and localized checkout experience.

Shopify B2B

Shopify isn't just for B2C retailers. With its robust B2B functionalities, Shopify provides wholesalers a platform that's built for scale, flexibility, and growth. From exclusive pricing tiers and bulk order capabilities to private storefronts and advanced account management, Shopify addresses the unique needs of B2B businesses.

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