Revolutionising Coffee Subscriptions for Wakuli

Wakuli is a unique coffee brand that offers freshly roasted coffee through a subscription-based model. They approached us to revamp their outdated website and create a new Shopify store that integrates their custom-built quiz and subscription engine. This case study explores how we worked with Wakuli to develop a comprehensive e-commerce solution that seamlessly combines coffee subscriptions, one-time purchases, and coffee gear sales. Read on to find out more about the advantages of proper tracking!

Wakuli who?

Wakuli, a B Corp-certified company, sells a product close to our heart. Coffee. But not just your average coffee. Beans that are carefully picked and processed, without depleting the earth and for a fair price for the farmers.

The company had been operating with a basic, outdated website built on a simple landing page platform. They wanted to expand their online presence and enhance their customer experience. Given their goal to continuously expand their business they landed on Shopify as the ideal platform for Wakuli due to its versatility and our extensive experience with integrating subscription checkouts.

Project Objectives

1. Develop a new design together with another partner and create a custom theme for the Wakuli Shopify store based on that design.

2. Integrate coffee subscriptions, one-time purchases, and coffee gear sales into a centralized store.

3. Implement a custom-built subscription checkout and a React-based quiz flow within the Shopify environment.

4. Enable comprehensive tracking and analytics across different platforms and customer flows.

Our solutions

To start off, we provided design consultations with Hubertus (from dear digital) to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface on Shopify. Here is an overview of the key components and functionalities implemented:

1. Shopify Store: we created a new custom theme for Wakuli's Shopify store, allowing customers to explore and purchase a wide range of products, including coffee subscriptions, one-time purchases, and gear.

2. Coffee Subscriptions: Customers can choose from various subscription options, such as beans or pods, and customize their preferences, including grams, brewing methods, and delivery frequency (weekly or bi-weekly). Subscribers are seamlessly redirected to Wakuli's custom subscription checkout for payment processing.

3. React-based Quiz: we integrated an external React-based quiz flow into the Shopify store. Customers can participate in the quiz, which directed them to a specific subscription product tailored to their preferences.

4. Bundled Discounts: Special pricing and discounts are implemented for bulk purchases. For example, customers selecting a specific number of coffee pods receive a percentage discount, and the shopping cart is modified to ensure the selected quantities are maintained. Customers can choose their own selection of pods within the bulk purchase.

5. Seamless Checkouts: Depending on the type of purchase, customers are directed to either the Shopify checkout or Wakuli's custom subscription checkout. dear digital ensured a smooth transition between the different checkout processes while maintaining a consistent user experience.

6. Comprehensive Tracking: dear digital collaborated with an external partner to set up an advanced tracking system that allows Wakuli to monitor customer behaviour and track their journeys across various platforms and flows. This enables Wakuli to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and optimize their marketing strategies.


The collaboration resulted in a highly functional and visually appealing Shopify store that successfully unified coffee subscriptions, one-time purchases, and gear sales. By leveraging the flexibility of Shopify, Wakuli now offers a seamless user experience with custom-designed subscription checkouts, a personalized quiz flow, and bundled discounts for bulk purchases. The implemented tracking system allows Wakuli to gather valuable customer data and make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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