Efficiency boost for Les Jumelles: One CMS for multiple sales channels

Les Jumelles operates two online sales channels: a Shopify store and an Angular-based native app available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The company's goal was to streamline operations and reduce costs associated with managing app content and product information across multiple platforms.

About Les Jumelles

Les Jumelles is a vibrant online fashion retailer known for its carefully curated selection of products and brands that cater to women with bold, confident personalities. Founded in 2016 by Magalie Aerts, who was inspired by her experiences in India and New York and her background as a twin, the brand stands out through its playful twist on clothing. Each piece features unexpected colour combinations or eye-catching prints, making every item uniquely special.


The existing setup required managing app content (main screens, images, titles, links to collections, menus, etc.) on a separate server from Shopify, which handled only product-related information. This dual-system management increased operational complexity and costs, as updates had to be implemented on both the Shopify platform and the external server.


We leveraged Shopify’s advanced CMS features, specifically metaobjects, to centralise content management. By integrating metaobjects, we were able to migrate all app content previously hosted on the external server directly into Shopify. This transition not only eliminated the need for the separate server but also simplified content updates, allowing changes to be made solely within Shopify.


  1. 1. Cost-efficiency: Eliminating the external server resulted in significant cost savings.

  2. 2. Operational simplicity: Centralising content and product information management within Shopify reduced operational complexity.

  3. 3. Streamlined updates: Updates now require changes in only one system rather than two, enhancing efficiency and reducing time to market for new features and updates.


This project shows the flexibility of Shopify's CMS capabilities, demonstrating its utility beyond traditional e-commerce uses to include native app content management. The successful simplification of Les Jumelles' operational framework shows how new technology can drive business efficiency and reduce costs. Les Jumelles now saves time and money on content management, which allows them to focus on those beautiful collections.

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