The party continues on Shopify: SoLow’s platform migration

You can’t win a marathon in tight shoes. When SoLow hit the limits of WooCommerce, they reached out for a Shopify solution. In this case study you’ll find out how we helped them transition smoothly and gear up for future growth across Europe.

SoLow, who?

Planning a costume party or celebrating a special occasion? SoLow is your first stop! Starting as a market stall in 2003, SoLow has grown to 50+ physical locations across the Netherlands and Belgium, becoming a leading supplier of party goods. They offer a wide range of affordable products for both special events and everyday fun.

Why did we partner up?

SoLow chose the omnichannel approach, but their online presence wasn’t up to par. Their expansion exposed the inefficiencies of WooCommerce, plagued by its dependency on numerous plugins which led to inconsistencies and data management challenges. The platform struggled with scalability and ease of maintenance, hurting user experience and efficiency.

What were their needs?

  • → A scalable commerce environment

  • → A platform that easily integrates with their complete tech-stack (ERP, POS, PIM,...)

  • → Less dependence on external plugins

  • → Better product data management

  • → SEO capabilities

Our solutions

Transition to Shopify

To address the need for a more powerful and scalable platform, Shopify was obviously the go-to solution. Shopify is built for scalable growth and provides the best reliability and user-friendliness, which perfectly aligns with SoLow’s objectives. Shopify’s native functionalities facilitate better integration and reduced reliance on third-party apps. In other words: Less maintenance, less stress, and more time for things that matter!

Custom Theme and Sections

We started with our boilerplate theme based on the powerful “Dawn” theme and added custom sections tailored to SoLow’s identity. This helped spotlight specific products and themes, making their shopping experience engaging and user-friendly.

Product migration with Matrixify

To transition from WooCommerce, we employed Matrixify to manage the bulk export and import of product data, ensuring a clean start for SoLow’s extensive product range. This tool enabled a structured and efficient data migration, laying a solid foundation for future enhancements.

SEO improvements with MX2

Working alongside MX2, we adapted Shopify’s capabilities to improve SEO performance, focusing on optimising product presentations and improving search engine visibility. Essential for SoLow’s online success.

Shopify Native Apps integration

We used Shopify’s built-in apps to improve wishlists, personalise email marketing, and make searching easier. These changes made it easier for SoLow to connect with customers and manage their operations. Shopify’s app store for the win!

The result

Switching to Shopify really helped SoLow forward. With Shopify's reliable setup and a few adjustments from us, their store is now more stable and ready to grow. We also organised their product data better, which makes running the store much easier and more efficient.

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