The Second Life app for Jeune Premier: A win-win-win scenario

People love the look and feel of Jeune Premier’s fashionable bags for children, but the price point led to an interesting consumer trend. The Google search trends showed a growing demand at discounted rates. To address this, we conceptualised a solution with Jeune Premier: a concept where customers could resell their bags in exchange for a voucher. This initiative aimed to make luxury more accessible while promoting sustainability.

Jeune Premier who?

Jeune Premier is a Belgian fashion label that creates timeless, sustainable fashion for children. Founded in 2010, Jeune Premier has established itself as a brand that creates clothing that is both stylish and eco-friendly. Their collections are designed to last, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

The challenge and the task

The challenge was clear: how could Jeune Premier cater to a broader market, including those seeking affordability without compromising on quality and style? The answer lies in the following simple concept: A resale app where customers could return their used Jeune Premier bags in exchange for a voucher, subsequently used to purchase new items from the brand.

We were approached to transform this concept into a tangible solution. The task: develop an app within the existing Jeune Premier digital infrastructure that facilitated this exchange seamlessly.

Gadget for app-development

For custom Shopify-applications, Gadget is our go-to partner. Gadget is a full-stack, serverless JavaScript platform that helps developers build Shopify apps faster and with less code. It provides a number of features that make it easy to develop and deploy Shopify apps. Their main advantages? A built-in Shopify connection, a public API, webhooks and easy deployment. Needless to say it is a great choice if you want to build Shopify apps quickly, easily, scalable and maintainable. Do you want to learn more about their story? Gadget-founder Mo Hashemi was a guest in our podcast.

The creation of the Second Life app involved complex technical integrations with Shopify Plus and Odoo. We created a user-friendly interface that simplified the resale process for customers while managing the intricate backend operations effectively.

The functionality of the app

The app allowed customers to easily navigate through the selling process: choosing the bag for resale, receiving a quote, and, upon approval, sending the bag back to Jeune Premier. The backend managed everything from product listings to processing customer requests and approvals, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow from one user interaction to the next.

An impactful project

Thanks to the app, customers could now sell their used Jeune Premier bags back to the brand. In return, they received a €30 voucher via email, contributing to their next purchase. This system not only incentivised the recycling of luxury goods but also made these high-end products accessible to a wider audience.

For Jeune Premier, this strategy opened up a new market segment: eco-conscious and budget-aware consumers. The brand image got a boost as this approach proved that they are both environmentally responsible and customer-centric. For consumers, the Second Life concept offers a sustainable and economically sensible way to enjoy the bags. And not to forget: it goes against waste.

With the implementation of the app we created a self-sustaining cycle. The Second Life store featured these pre-loved bags, now available at more accessible prices. Customers could experience the joy of owning a Jeune Premier bag, whether it was brand new or part of the Second Life collection.


By actively going to work with customer feedback, Jeune Premier exemplifies sustainable e-commerce.

The outcome?

- A fully second hand custom app in less then a month

- We freed up an incredible amount of time for Jeune Premier

- We created brand impact with a perfectly integrated user experience

- A low maintenance and monthly cost because built on state of the art platform, even though fully custom

It's a win-win-win:

Jeune Premier strengthened its commitment to sustainability and customer loyalty. Customers enjoy a practical, wallet-friendly way to support a circular economy with a positive impact on the environment. We absolutely love being at the forefront of conscious digital innovation, delivering solutions that make a real difference.

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