International website for OiOiOi

In this case study, we dive deeper into redesigning and improving the user experience for the OiOiOi’s custom account portal. The goal was to support OiOiOi's expansion into the European market while implementing a subscription-based business model for their customers.

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OiOiOi who?

OiOiOi is a company that offers a unique renting service for baby clothes, promoting sustainability and ecological practices. It's not only super cool to support a new type of business like OiOiOi, but we were also very excited to build a use case for business models similar to this one.

Switzerland and beyond

OiOiOi is a Swiss company, but they were ready to tackle the rest of Europe as well. So we're guiding them through their European expansion.

The main objective of the project was to revamp the OiOiOi website, incorporating a new design and user experience that aligned with their sustainable and rental-based business model. We aimed to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website, allowing customers to subscribe to plans and select different baby clothing items.

Website Redesign

Most of the effort in terms of the redesign was focused on the custom account structure that is fully tailored to OiOiOi's specific rental business model. We also redesigned parts of the website to ensure the rental model was clearly depicted so that everyone could easily understand the new business model and why it makes so much sense to rent baby clothes instead of buying them.

The website redesign, managed by Laura, involved creating a new homepage design with clear options for monthly or yearly subscriptions. Different plans were introduced, each offering a specific number of clothing items and collections that customers could select. So we also built a page to compare the different plans to choose the best one based on the customer's needs.

Rather than purchasing clothes, customers could now subscribe to a service, like a membership, that allowed them to exchange items as needed, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. This was a challenge because it’s more like a SaaS model than an e-commerce website, which is difficult to set up in Shopify.

We also implemented a whole new design for the product pages, introducing features such as size and colour selection, product filters, and the ability to compare different plans. The redesign focused on improving the overall user experience, making it easier for customers to navigate the website and select their preferred clothing items.

Let’s get technical

We faced the challenge of integrating the redesigned front end with the existing Shopify platform. Since OiOiOi operated on a subscription-based model, a custom checkout system was required, as Shopify's default checkout did not support plans nor local payment methods that a lot of customers want to use to pay for their subscriptions. We called on the help of Firmhouse, an external checkout system, to process orders and handle subscriptions while ensuring seamless integration with Shopify.

To provide a cohesive user experience, we set a complete API-based setup to synchronise data between Firmhouse and Shopify, as we did for BRAUZZ.. This integration enabled customers to log into their Shopify accounts and view their subscribed plans, selected items, wish lists, and invoices. Additionally, the account structure allowed customers to replace items, upsize plans, initiate returns, and track their subscription history. Creating a fully custom flow specifically tailored to OiOiOi’s needs.

Some details

Within your account, you can look at your details and your plans.

But you can also visit your wishlist and share it with someone else. We created this with an integration called Wishlist King, all based on APIs in the account structure.

Within ‘My plans’, you can see all the plans you are subscribed to. So you see that we’re subscribed to the mini monthly plan, the maxi monthly plan, and again, the mini monthly plan. If you cancel a subscription, you can see those inactive plans here as well, and you can restart that subscription if necessary. It is also very useful that you can just download the invoices here.

But when you click on ‘My bundles’, that’s where the magic happens. In this menu, you can:

- See your active and inactive bundles and the products in those bundles
- See all of the details of a bundle, like the kids, the age and clothing size, the shipping address and the next charge
- Buy the products you are fond of
- Can replace the items after giving a reason. Like it’s too small, too big or damaged. This data is all stored in your account, but it’s also useful in general.
- Easily click upsize if your kid has grown to another size, and change all of the clothes in your bundle to a bigger size.
-See which products you still have to return


We successfully achieved the objectives of enhancing the user experience and supporting OiOiOi's expansion into the European market with the website redesign. The new design facilitates easy plan selection, item exchange, and subscription management. Customers can now enjoy the benefits of renting baby clothes, reducing waste, and embracing a sustainable approach to parenting.

Integrating Firmhouse and Shopify ensured a smooth checkout process, enabling OiOiOi to handle orders and fulfil them through the Shopify platform. The synchronised account structure provided customers with a comprehensive overview of their plans, selected items, and subscription history, empowering them to manage their subscriptions effectively.