How smart email marketing boosted Nami's sales

No nasties, just mighty good baby food: that’s nami! They’re plant-based, organic and free of dairy, gluten, added sugars and preservatives. For almost two years, sisters Stephanie and Julie Cnockaert worked hard to create the perfect recipes for your little one. 

After Stephanie became a mother for the second time, she started dreaming of developing a healthier kind of premade baby food, since she experienced firsthand parents don’t always have the time to whip up several home-made meals for their little ones.
Together with her sister Julie, Stephanie launched nami, which offers meals for babies from 4 to 12 months old. Don’t expect your run-of-the-mill baby food though! Not only are the meals plant-based and fully organic, the funky packaging is guaranteed to catch your eye. And you might even chuckle when you read the names of the meals. What do you think about Jolly Cauli, Beet It! or Cool Carrot? 
Although nami is available for purchase in a small group of local retailers, the focus remains online sales. You can purchase separate packages, or go for a subscription, where a selection of meals are delivered to your home each week. This means their online strategy is vital, and that's where Stephanie and Julie could use some support. Cue dear digital!

Our approach

One of the biggest marketing opportunities for nami was implementing an email marketing strategy. Email marketing is quite a powerful tool if used well, and allows you to trigger (potential) customers to make first-time or repeat purchases. 
To guarantee a successful strategy, we always start off by mapping the entire customer journey By doing so, we know when interesting contact opportunities occur with leads and customers, and we can seize the moment and make the most of it! While mapping out the journey, we worked closely with the founders of nami. 
Based upon the customer journey, we draw up several email flows. Through these flows, we determine when to send out which emails to subscribers and clients, and what triggers make subscribers and clients enroll in certain flows. 
A well-known example of such a mail flow - and you've probably received it a couple of times yourself too! - is an abandoned cart flow When you fill your cart on an online store, but don't follow through with the purchase, chances are you’ll receive an email reminding you of the purchases in the cart. This kind of flow is proven to convince a significant number of leads to still make the purchase. 
After the mail flows are determined, it’s time to decide on the content and look and feel of the emails. Copy, design, images: all of this is established here. And of course, we can't forget the technical aspect: are the emails readable on both desktop and smartphone? How do we make sure the mails don't end up in the spam? After we’ve figured all that out, we can finally get our email flows working!
Once the entire flow is up and running, there’s room for A/B testing. By systematically testing different elements of the emails, such as the subject line or the images used in the mail, we can optimize the emails gradually. This way, we experience firsthand what increases our conversion rate - and what doesn’t.

Nami’s biggest wins

- Thanks to our e-mail marketing strategy, we were able to attract more leads and convert them into consumers. The main goal of our email campaigns!
- Existing customers receive a better follow-up and are encouraged to make repeat purchases. Thanks to the consistent email communication, they are more likely to perceive nami as a trusted brand, which in turn leads to an increase in customers switching to a subscription. 
- Through continuous A/B testing, the mail flows are optimized constantly. This way, we keep getting better results with the mail strategy. Great!

What’s next?

For now, we continue to expand and fine-tune nami's mail strategy. In this way, we are boosting their online sales and are helping nami grow to the next level. No doubt a great success story in the making!