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Shopify development

We have been implementing high end Shopify stores for over 5years now and still love it. Shopify is evolving massively and we think it still has a very bright future. If you are interested in Shopify, drop us a line.


Scale is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce. We help you scale beyond your current boundaries in an effective way.

Conversion rate optimization

Traffic can be bought, conversion is earned. We design and implement optimizations so that your store converts as good as it can. Optimizing for conversion requires rigorous testing, measuring and iteration. We help you do what's needed.

Page speed optimization

Page speed is a major factor when it comes to e-commerce development. If you have a theme you want to optimize or want to start from scratch and create a blazingly fast site we can get it done.

Headless commerce

There is a new hot trend in e-commerce development and it's called headless commerce. If you are a bigger brand and speed and continuous optimizations are your top priority headless commerce might be something for you.

SaaS & Integration

E-commerce doesn't stop with setting up a shop. You need to keep an eye on your supply chain, customers, invoicing, conversion rate, and so much more. We can help you integrate the services that you use to navigate.

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