#7: Talk with bol.com: How Bol became big in Belgium

On this episode, we have invited a special guest. Meet Jonathan Gillyns - the man responsible for the steep growth of Bol.com in Belgium. When he was the Head of International at bol.com until 2017, Jonathan was amongst other things responsible for aligning the product range in Belgium with that in the Netherlands. Bol.com is the biggest retailer in the Netherlands. Opened in 1999 as the first online bookstore. Since then the company grew to more than 2.000 employees. During the period while Jonathan was part of their team, the revenue from net consumer sales grew from EUR 680M in 2014 to EUR 1.600M in 2017. Tune in to today's episode to follow his story after entering the business world only at 17 years old. And listen through his journey to develop bol.com into the Belgium market leader they are now.