#47 Talk with Dopper: Changing the world making millions

In this episode we're shedding light on the journey of Dopper, the revolutionary bottle company on a mission to promote tap water and combat single-use plastic. We discover the tenacious spirit of Merijn Everaarts, Dopper's founder, whose personal crusade against plastic waste birthed an iconic product that's as functional as it is a conversation starter. He revealed the challenges of international expansion, the pivotal shift from nonprofit ideals to impactful social enterprise, and the innovative strategies they've adopted, like the Olympic plan model, to stay aligned with their ambitious environmental goals. Thriving amidst a rapidly evolving business landscape, Dopper stands as a testament to the power of aligning purpose with practice. Join us to explore the triumphs, setbacks, and insights from a brand that's reshaping how we think about sustainability, one bottle at a time. Stay tuned, stay inspired.