7 ways businesses can leverage summer for endless smooth sailings

Summer is often seen as a time for holidays and relaxation, but in the e-commerce world, it's an unsung hero. While the sun is shining and sales are steady but slower, savvy businesses use this time to tackle those big, cumbersome projects lingering on the to-do list.

While preparation for major events like Black Friday and Christmas often focuses on immediate actions, there's a gap in the conversation. There's not enough attention to the golden opportunity to take a step back, for a holistic perspective during the slower summer. That's where this guide comes in.

Organise to optimise

Summer is the perfect season to get your house in order—literally. Use this time to declutter your workspace, optimise your workflow, analyse some processes and even rebrand if needed. Implement that CMS system that will make your website state-of-the-art. Go have a call with that agency you heard about. Get to know this ERP system that sets you up for organised growth.

Streamline and automate

Automation isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessity. Identify tasks that can be automated or outsourced. Use the summer to fully integrate platforms like Shopify for e-commerce, Odoo for ERP, and Klaviyo for email marketing. By automating tasks within these platforms, you free up valuable time for strategic planning when times like Black Friday roll around.

Financial makeover

Summer is your financial planning season. Renegotiate contracts with suppliers, explore new revenue streams, or secure additional funding. These are big tasks that require time and focus—exactly what the summer slowdown offers.

Supply chain

If your supply chain has bottlenecks, now's the time to fix them. Finding more reliable suppliers or optimising warehouse operations are tasks that can't be done overnight. Both Odoo and Shopify have advanced inventory management features. Use the summer to get these things sorted, so you're not scrambling in the autumn.

Upskill your team

Training is often pushed to the back burner during busy periods. Use the summer to upskill your team in areas like customer service, campaigning, and sales techniques. Consider bringing in outside trainers or consultants to make the most of this period.

Take a breather, but plan ahead

Yes, summer is a great time to take a holiday. But it's also a time to plan for the future. Use this period to strategise for the busy autumn and beyond. The more prepared you are now, the smoother things will go when the holiday rush hits.

Take the next step

Summer is not the time to rest on your laurels. By tackling these big projects now, you'll be freeing up your time and resources to focus on executing a flawless Black Friday, Christmas, Spring campaigns, and beyond.

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