A superfast headless storefront for Yummygums

Do you want to create a superfast website? We did it for the launch of Yummygums in the UK using a headless storefront. Combining Shopify with Instant Commerce and Storyblok, we created not only a good-looking website but also a very fast website.

Yummygums who?

Yummygums provides you with your daily dosage of vitamins in the form of delicious gummies. The Dutch brand owned by Michel and Luuk launched in 2017 with a general multivitamin and they have grown to over 9 different vitamin gummies including some for pregnant women, kids, and more.

Proof of concept

For their launch in the UK Yummygums contacted us to create a brand new website. Their current website is built in Woocommerce, but they wanted a faster and better website to conquer the UK and use as a proof of concept for their other websites.
We decided to partner up with Instant Commerce and Storyblok to create a headless website connected to their Shopify backend.

Why choose headless?

Headless storefronts are websites that are created using a separate frontend that is connected to a content management system (CMS) and a backend to supply the input for the website.
In this case, we used Shopify as the backend to provide the products, prices, discounts and more. We worked with Instant Commerce as the headless storefront and they teamed up with Storyblok as a CMS to provide all of the content (images and text).
Why would you choose a headless storefront? You can not only create a good website, but it will be very fast as well. Instant Commerce, our front-end software partner, works with statically generated pages. As opposed to normal websites that load dynamically, Instant Commerce will prebuild pages that contain 90 to 95% of the same components. Only 5 to 10% will be dynamic content to make the website load faster.
If you don’t believe us, have a look at the comparison we made between the new and old website.

Partners for the win

For this project, we teamed up with Instant Commerce and Storyblok.
Instant Commerce is a SaaS headless solution to easily create a headless frontend and connect it to your backend and CMS. The advantage of working with Instant Commerce is that they take care of your hosting and the connections to Shopify and Storyblok.
That way we could focus on creating a good-looking website within the static pages that they provide. The result is a pretty and fast new website for Yummygums.

What’s next?

This is only the beginning of the work we’re providing for Yummygums. Instant Commerce is constantly creating new features we can use for the Yummygums website to make it more appealing and have more freedom in the things we want to build.
For example, the old Yummygums website provides a subscription option in the checkout which we also want to build in the new website.
Once this proof of concept is completed and approved, we will extend it to the other websites Yummygums manages.
Looking for your own superfast headless website? Feel free to contact us!