Taking an e-commerce first puzzle brand international at efficient CAC while building a tight community

Puzzle in a bag is an internal project that we spon out and is now fully backed by outside investors. We are building a strong international community around contemporary puzzles that we sell direct to consumers throughout Europe.
Shopify stores
5 figure
Monthly revenues
Puzzles sold
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flag Web design + Custom Shopify
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Puzzle in a bag is an internal project that we launched during the COVID-19 crisis. It was an instant hit. After that initial success we raised funding and spun it out of dear digital and are now building a full fledged e-commerce company from it. This is massively interesting for us to be in the dirt and learn everything the hard way.

Now we are crossing our Belgium borders and are building up our marketing efforts in Germany and France for which we have build seperate stores to really focus on these markets and tailor the shops to the local needs.

Standing out of the crowd by having special designs and a website that reflects that.


Not holding back on creative expenses to support online brand and growing community.


Engaging daily with the online community on Instagram and TikTok, asking the crowd for feedback.


Building up waiting lists and doubling the repurchase rate by 25+ email flows.


Scaling a community driven contemporary puzzle brand
accross Europe scribble quickly generating 5 figure / month revenues.

A word from PIABs first employee Amber.

What can I say! We work together on a daily basis and it's impressive what kind of entrepreneurship Niels and Dimitri have shown by launching and growing PIAB, I'm really glad I'm able to help and learn everyday.

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