Custom webshop in Odoo for DJAR

Custom webshop in Odoo for DJAR
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Building a custom webshop for DJAR in Odoo

After helping DJAR with an ERP in Odoo to improve their day-to-day workflows, we wanted to take things a step further. While Odoo is relatively new as an e-commerce platform, we saw this as a challenge to make an amazing webshop for DJAR.

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Who is DJAR?

DJAR was founded by Danielle and Alison to make easy & healthy business lunches more accessible. Delicious meals served in a glass jar. Just shake ‘m up and enjoy! 🥗You can even get a dessert or breakfast. DJAR also provides appetiser boxes and event catering. What more do you need?  

DJAR x dear digital

DJAR and dear digital go way back. In the first part of our optimisation journey, we set up Odoo as their ERP to get some automation going and standardise their workflows. While creating these delicious food concepts, Danielle and Alison spent too much time on simple tasks like keeping track of their inventory and handling order by order.

With Odoo as their ERP, they could manage sales, purchases, inventory and invoicing all in one place. No more scattered data, but instead an automated workflow and improved communication between departments 🙌

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Next step? Making sure their delicious jars could be ordered in an amazing-looking webshop!

Building a webshop with Odoo

Once the foundation was built, we could start creating a webshop to handle all of the online orders. And what better software to build in than the software they already use? The webshop would be fully integrated with their current Odoo database, so no data will be lost.

We chose to go for a custom build website instead of using a template. It would not only look better, but it also enabled us to incorporate all the features DJAR needed.

We started off with a design process with our lovely Laura (UX and UI designer) to create not only a delicious-looking website but also a website that is easy to navigate and that converts well.

After the design was finalised, the development could start. We added some new features to the webshop that didn’t exist yet and built them from scratch to improve the workflow for DJAR. These features consist of a slide-out cart, a delivery date picker, a custom collection page and a review section.