How we improved the email flows of Mama Deli

Article How we improved the email flows of Mama Deli
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Renewed designs and email flows for Mama Deli

Email marketing was a big part of the marketing strategy for Mama Deli. But they felt they were not making the most of it. So time for improvement, and that's where dear digital could help. With an updated design, new software and improved flows, their email marketing is now a regular part of their monthly sales. 

Who is Mama Deli?

Mama Deli, founded by Mariëlle, makes the most delicious snacks for your baby with care and love, full of fresh ingredients, the proper nutrients, quantity and structure. All are tailored to your little one's needs and age. So you can enjoy the time with your little one and don't have to worry about the food. 

They offer healthy freezer meals, oatmeal breakfasts, easy-to-handle snacks with fruits and vegetables and much more - all for kids between the ages of 4 to 12 months (and even a bit older). 

Different email flows

After experimenting with email marketing for a while; they felt they could get more out of it. So they knocked on our door. 

Together with them, we rolled out a new strategy. This included not only optimising their current email flows but also adding new flows and adjusting the design. 

This brings us to the setup below.

Abandoned cart flow

The abandoned cart flow contains automated emails triggered when a customer adds items to their cart but fails to complete the purchase. With this flow, we want to encourage the customer to complete their purchase by reminding them of the items they left behind and offering incentives to entice them back to the checkout process.

For Mama Deli, we not only set up the abandoned cart flow, but we also upgraded the design to make the emails more converting.

First-time returning flow

A thank you email flow is a sequence of automated messages sent to a customer to express gratitude for their recent interaction or purchase. This type of email flow is typically triggered by a purchase and aims to build a positive relationship with the recipient by acknowledging their engagement with the brand.

With a thank you email flow, we want to create a positive and memorable experience for the customer, strengthen their loyalty to the brand, and ultimately drive repeat business.

Not only first-time customers will get a thank you email, but also first-time returning customers. We set up a flow with several emails that end with a last email, 20 days after their purchase, to restock their fridge with delicious baby food.

Incentives work very well in this type of email flow, combined with a new and refreshed design for Mama Deli.