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Article Our tech stack [5/6]📲
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Having had these insights in 2021 we had to take a long hard look at what we do as an e-commerce agency.

Can we really claim to be the best e-commerce partner for our clients if we stay with our current services of digital marketing and Shopify development?

Because truth be told, we do understand complex end-to-end e-commerce systems. We are in the luxury position that we are currently scaling our own DTC brand in multiple countries via multiple channels and one of our founders, Sam, was the Head of Systems of a big European e-commerce company.

So we decided that if we really wanted to serve our clients right we had to look at more than digital marketing and Shopify development.

But what system could do what we wanted? Unfortunately there is no such thing as an “E-commerce Engine Software”. We were looking for:

A system that could cover horizontal processes and workflows. Meaning it would have to cover a lot of ground between admin, accounting, customer success, marketing, logistics, purchasing, etc. But not all of these things needed to be best in class solutions, most importantly it needed to be an integrated suite of solutions.

A system that could be integrated with some best of breed solutionsthat no e-commerce company can neglect such as Shopify, Klaviyo, Gorgias and so on.

Thus, we were looking for an all in one solution that can easily connect with some of the best tools for e-commerce. To our surprise we didn’t even have to leave Belgium to find the right solution, we found Odoo.
Odoo is a Belgian open source ERP system that was recently valued at more than 2 billion EUR that is in our opinion uniquely suited to build great e-commerce engines both for start-ups as for e-commerce giants.

That’s why, from January onwards we will be adding Odoo to our tech stack:


To serve our clients right, we believe that we should only add services that we know we can do Best in Class. That’s why we are adding some amazing people to our team, both developers and business analysts, that have the experience with Odoo. Combining their expertise of Odoo with our e-commerce knowledge we are 100% sure that we can offer a Best in Class Odoo solution, just like we are doing for digital marketing and Shopify development.

As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.

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